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    Sorry it is a very basic thing that I am asking, but I am stuck.<BR>I am checking a value "answer" in the data base, it is a numeric value.<BR>If the value is empty then assign nil to x and print otherwise assign <BR>the value to x and print. It is not working when answer field has no <BR>value.<BR>The code is as follows<BR><BR><BR>if rs2("answer")= " " then<BR> x = "nil"<BR> else <BR>x = rs2("answer") <BR>end if<BR>response.write (x)<BR>

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    if len(rs2("answer"))= 0 then <BR>x = "nil"<BR>else <BR>x = rs2("answer") <BR>end if<BR>response.write (x)<BR><BR>You tried to set x= "nil" *IF* rs2("answer") was a single space. To test if an variable contains anything I always use:<BR> IF Len(var) = 0 then ...<BR><BR>IMHO this is the best way to test this.<BR><BR>Peter<BR>

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