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    Whenever i try run some code which require write access like copying folder with FileSystemObject, the browser takes forever to post that page,<BR>and still doesn&#039;t do anything (the progress bar proceeds very slowly). And after i closed this browser even all the database things become this slow(the progress bar proceeds very slowly). I have to restart my comp for this.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve checked my IIS config and everywhere i&#039;ve enabled the write permission(as i use my serevr only offline).<BR><BR>please let me know what could be wrong with the write access or FileSystemObject(i&#039;m not sure, which is causing the problem)And yes, this problem was not there a few weeks back, some changes in the IIS config may have caused this.<BR>Any help would be appritiated<BR><BR>

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    Check the path of the folder and file, I think that file is not getting full path(physical path) so u should use server.mappath method of server object to get file&#039;s physical path

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