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    I have one IP address setup for multiple sites. I have several domains that are all pointing to the same IP. In IIS, I want to be able to check which domain its coming from and redirect it to a directory of my choosing without showing that directory in my URL. I am using Windows 2000 Server. Can anybody point me in the right direction?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!

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    When a client requests a web adderss the exact address requested is passed on to the server in the HTTP headers. This means the server is able to distinguish which site the client is requesting, even if multiple domains for the same IP address exist. Fortunately IIS has a nice way of handling multiple sites: go to the IIS control panel and create a new site for one of your domains. Get the properties for that site by right-clicking on it and then click the Advanced button next to the IP address field. Click the Add button on top to add a new identity for the site. Under host header name enter the domain name of this site, for example "". Do not enter the http:// or the www part. Make sure the IP address is set to the external IP address you want to use and the port is set to 80. Click ok until you are back at the site properties. Then click on the home directory tab and click browse to point to the directory on your hard drive that the site is located on. Repeat this entire process for every site you have - I don&#039;t think there is a limit on the number of sites you can add ;-). If your domain allows you to set multiple subdomains, or use any subdomain(wildcard), you can add even more sites just using subdomains. Using this technique I am hosting my personal site, a site for my school and personal sites for my friends - all on the same IP address but on different domains. One caveat though is that this technology only works if the client has internet explorer 2.0 or higher or netscape 3.0 or higher. It should not be a concern, but if it is to you, there is a way to make it compatible with these browsers as well. More on how to do all this can be found in the IIS help, which is under http://localhost/iishelp .<BR>Another way to do all this without creating new sites is to write an ASP script that redirects the user to a certain page depending on the address that is passed through the HTTP headers, which the script reads in. This is the longer way though; you&#039;re better off setting it in IIS. I hope this was enough info - good luck!<BR><BR>--pat<BR>

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