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    kqo Guest

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    I get this messgage when trying to redirect to a fax server.<BR>I am passing 10 fields. I can strip certain fields away and <BR>this error message is not generated. But I cannot fiqure <BR>out why these fields are giving me a problem.<BR><BR>error message:<BR><BR>400 Bad Request<BR><BR>Due to malformed syntax, the request could not be understood by the server. The client should not repeat the request without modifications.<BR><BR>this is the code:<BR><BR>&#060;%Response.Clear%&#062;<BR>&#060 ;%<BR> Dim testVar<BR>testVar= tp://testserver.dudnet/faxscript/getfax.asp?RECIP_FAX_PHONE="&RECIP_FAX_PHONE&"&REC IP_NAME="&RECIP_NAME&"&RECIP_COMP="&RECIP_COMP&"&R ECIP_INFO="&RECIP_INFO&"&SENDER="&SENDER&"&SENDER_ ADDRESS="<BR>Response.Redirect (testVar)<BR>%&#062;<BR>Fields in error<BR>Recip_Name<BR>Recip_Comp<BR>Recip_Info<BR ><BR>Can you help?????<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>Thanks!!!<BR>< BR>

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    Corin Guest

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    You have a spelling error<BR><BR>testVar= tp://testserver.dudnet/faxscript/getfax.asp?<BR><BR>testVar= http://testserver.dudnet/faxscript/getfax.asp?

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    Default The answer; it is not just a spelling error

    Dim testVar<BR>testVar= "http://testserver.dudnet/faxscript/getfax.asp?"<BR>.<BR>.<BR>[ Your URL may contain illegal characters so]<BR>.<BR>.<BR>Response.Redirect(Server.URLEncode(t estVar))<BR><BR>And You are off

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