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    I have a database that has Ministry, Branch, Division, and Location information. What I would like to do is create an ASP page that gets the user to first select on Ministry, and depending on what he selected, his/her choices for Branches would only relate to the Ministry he/she choose. Then he/she would choose a branch and depending on what Branch he/she chooses his/her chooses would be limited for Division and so on and so on. Could someone help me out and give me the code necessary to do this, or an example somewhere out there. I found an example for synchronizing two combo boxes but can&#039t figure how to add more then that. Thanks,

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    &#060;select name="ministry" size="1" <BR>onChange="self.location=&#039fundsentadmin.asp ?ministry=&#039 + document.forms[0].ministry.options[document.forms[0].ministry.options.selectedIndex].value;">

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