Hi,<BR>I put ,via FTP, some .PDF files in my database directory on my website.<BR>Now I want to download this PDF files in an ASP page. I used two different lines of code:<BR>1. Upload.SendBinary path, True,"",True<BR> What happens? I recieve two times the same &#039;File download window box"<BR> the first time the window contain the msg "Download a file from this location &#039;selection.asp from tilsoft.brinkster.net&#039;". When I select to open from this location I recieve this window box for the second time but now with the msg "Download a file from this location &#039;SamplesGuide.PDF from tilsoft.brinkster.net&#039;" When I now select open from this location, the download procedures starts. Adobe Acrobat will be opened but he opens a error box "the file is damaged and could not be repaired!!!!<BR>2. Upload.SendBinary path, True,"",False<BR> Everything seems OK until Acrobat opens a errorbox telling: "the file is damaged and could not be repaired!!!!<BR>3. When I use "Upload.SendBinary path, True,"",True" but select save to disc, the file saved on my disc is NOT corrupted!!!<BR><BR>Does Upload change the .PDF file before sending??<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Sincerely, Luc<BR>