Hi,<BR><BR>I have an ASP script with a component in it which times out after a specified period. Until this time has passed, the script, I presume, just sits and waits.<BR><BR>To begin with, the time out period of this component was set to 120 seconds. I ended up with an error message stating that the web page had timed out after 90 seconds so the component hadn&#039;t had time to properly time out.<BR><BR>So, I set the web page to time out after 600 seconds using..<BR><BR>Server.ScriptTimeOut=600.<BR><BR>Af ter this, the component did get to properly time out after 120 seconds and after this, the rest of the page finished running. I know that it finished because it proceeded to send an e-mail and delete some records from a database. However, the page never made it back to the browser despite having some content written to it.<BR><BR>Bizarrely, when I reduced the time out of the component to 60 and 90 seconds, after the component had timed out, the rest of the page was run as before except this time the page did end up back at the browser along with the content.<BR><BR>Basically, I want the page to be returned however long its been waiting. What is going wrong?<BR><BR>Thanks, any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>I.<BR>