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    I am wondering if it is possible, to have HTML come out of a &#060;textarea&#062;.<BR><BR>I am building an application that will send emails. My problem is that in the &#060;textarea&#062; (where the main message will be), if I type something in and go to send it, when I receive the email, it wont display returns and paragraphs. It simply bunches the text all together.<BR><BR>I dont believe it have anything to do with the email itself, I think it has to do with pulling the data out of the text area but I could be wrong.<BR>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<BR>

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    In HTML format?<BR><BR>If so, before you put the text into it, simply do a replace like so:<BR><BR>EMailText = Request.Form("TextArea")<BR>EMailText = Replace(EMailText, vbCrLf, "&lt;br&#062;")<BR><BR>That should give you the appropriate breaks.

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