I&#039ve created an asp-site with a shopping cart that is displayed all the time in its own frame. The cart uses cookies and when a user adds a item and presses the back-button the last added item then is removed. Is there any way I can prevent this, by removing the focus from the cart-frame or anything ? Or is it possible to response.redirect to the main-page every time a item is added ? Any solution is very welcome! I&#039ve heard something about XML that could solve a back-problem, but I don&#039t know the slightest thing about XML, and the cart is .asp so this would maybe be a problem implenting ?<BR><BR>Another issue regarding the cart; the contents of the cart is listed with a &#060;select&#062; list, and works fine with IE, but Netscape just list the items as plain text, wich is bad, cause the cart-frame has a fixed size (just a low bar at the bottom of the page, wich makes an select-list ideal). Any ideas on how to get around this problem ?<BR><BR><BR>Any help is highly apprichiated!<BR><BR><BR>Thanx, Espen