I&#039;m puzzled a little about SSL (I guess):<BR><BR>Is it not possible to read session variables and cookies written in earlier pages when one gets through the SSL?<BR><BR>For instance, the following code returns all of the right values outside of the SSL path, but pages within the SSL folder only return the session.sessionID (I&#039;m using a shared SSL which is mapped back to a folder in my web):<BR><BR>Response.Write "Cost= " & Session("cuCost") & "<BR>"<BR>Response.Write "Quantity= " & Session("cuOrigQuantity") & "<BR>"<BR>Response.Write "SessionID= " & Session("sessionID") & "<BR>"<BR>Response.Write "Email= " & Request.Cookies("roteckEmail")<BR><BR>Is it the case that ONLY the sessionID can be read?<BR><BR>PS: I did read some informative articles in the ASPFAGs but couldn&#039;t find anything on this. Please don&#039;t chide me; just help me learn . . . . if you want to see what I&#039;m building, it&#039;s a custom label generator at www.roteck.com/clg/<BR>