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    Default object processing notification?

    I have a form that submits to a page, which calls a COM object that performs some time consuming functions. I would like to notify the user that the object is still processing. I have tried using the response.flush method but I don&#039;t think that is the solution. Currently, when the user submits the form, the first page just hangs until the entire process is complete. Intead of just having the first page hang, I want some interim message to appear. Does anyone know how to do this? <BR><BR>Thanks

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    Use three pages.<BR>First page lets user submit the form to a second page.<BR>The Second page gets the form information and store them in hidden inputs. Put some message like "Please wait" and cosmetic stuff on this page. Create a body onload event that submits this page to the Third page.<BR>The Third page calls the COM and does what you want to do.<BR>The user will see the second page when the COM is doing its task. This way, something happens between the user hits the submit button and the COM finishes its process.

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