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    kopi-o Guest

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    hi, <BR>i have a sqlserver running and i am setting up an online application. In the application, the user will key in some criteria in the form and the database will search for entries that fits the criteria. After this, i hope an email can be automatically send to those entries that fit the criteria. <BR><BR>Can this be done...pls help. Thks

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    Djeln Guest

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    I&#039m not sure, but it looks like you might benefit from ASPmail, from I&#039m pretty sure it&#039s free. I don&#039t operate a server myself, but my virtual host is running this app, and I&#039ll be danged if it doesn&#039t work nifty-like. :)

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    Matthew Reynolds Guest

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    Number of cool ways to do this...<BR><BR>My favorite option is to use Dimac&#039s JMail - This is a free component that I&#039ve been using for a very long time and I&#039m real happy with.<BR><BR>In (I think) NT Service Pack 4 an SMTP service was added to IIS. You can use this if you want, but you&#039ll have to look on for docs.<BR><BR>Either way, sending the mail is a trivial matter. Create an instance of the component, tell it where it&#039s going, who it&#039s from, give it some text and run the "Send" method.

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