I&#039;m trying to specify the width of cells on an excel spreadsheet created on the fly, based upon a query from a SQL db. If any of this is possible, I&#039;d also like to give it custom column names. They way I have it now, is it creates the column names based on the fields I&#039;m pulling from the db.<BR><BR>relevant code, ask if need more. Or just say : not possible &#060;eop&#062;<BR><BR> Set fs = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")< BR> Set tempExcelTick = fs.CreateTextFile(filename, True)<BR> <BR> Set rs2 = conn4select.Execute("SELECT repName, execTime, execCompany, execReason, execName, execInitials, naiTime, timeofSub FROM tbltickmaster")<BR> <BR> strLine="" <BR><BR> For each x in rs2.fields<BR> strLine= strLine & x.name & chr(9)<BR><BR> Next<BR> tempExcelTick.writeline strLine<BR><BR> Do while Not rs2.EOF<BR> strLine=""<BR> for each x in rs2.Fields<BR> strLine= strLine & x.value & chr(9)<BR> next<BR> tempExcelTick.writeline strLine<BR> rs2.MoveNext<BR> Loop<BR><BR>Thanks for any insight you can offer.<BR><BR>uprightmonkey<BR><BR>