I need to hire someone to write me a script to efficently process images captured by an Axis 2100 web camera and display them on a secure page. This is for a daycare cam application that will ultimately have 5 to six cameras recording 12 hours/day at 1 fps. Axis provides a basic script but we have had problems getting it to work properly and efficiently. They also provide all the necessary files/code for a custom application to be written but I am not a programmer so I need some professional help. I would like the script written in VB Script/ASP, if possible. <BR><BR>The Axis 2100 camera contains it&#039;s own webserver which I can use to FTP images to my host server. I would like to only have a single JPEG file in the FTP folder at any one time and it will be overwritten each time a new file is sent up. I need the script to pull this file from from the FTP folder, add an HTTP header and push it to the user&#039;s browser. Axis provides an ActixeX component to allow the file to be viewed as streaming video.<BR><BR>I am not sure of the best or most efficient way to do this so i am open for suggestions from you. If interested, please visit the Axis website for additonal technical details to better understand how their current code works. I am currently using their "High Hit Rate" example code so the new code will need to work in a similar fashion and put the load on the webserver not the cameras. <BR><BR>Here&#039;s a link to the example:http://www.axis.com/techsup/cam_servers/tech_notes/live_video_iis.htm<BR><BR>Here&#039;s a link to the developer&#039;s page:http://www.axis.com/techsup/cam_servers/dev/index.htm<BR><BR>I look forward to hearing from any one capable and willing. My email is onesource@ih2000.net<BR><BR>Thanks You<BR><BR>