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    Hi guys<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to design a simple chat room. I&#039;ve got the code just about done, but am having a problem with refreshing. The first page is where you type your text. When the submit button is clicked it sends it to another page for processing. Once done it is finally displayed in the chat window, which is yet another page. The two pages (entry text and chat display) are put together in a page with frames. What I want to do is have only the chat frame refresh, not the whole frameset. This is what&#039;s happening now. The user starts typing, and after 5 sec it&#039;s flushed. What can I do?

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    hmm<BR><BR>I actually have all the code for one i wrote last year.<BR><BR>what i did, was on the processing page for the text box frame, called javascript to reload the chat frame. It worked quite well. But asp chat apps can be like driving a tractor in a Nascar Race. <BR><BR>there are other nuisances you could accomodate, such that in the text frame, you could see if they are typing, and if they are don&#039;t refresh, else refresh the top frame. lots of possibilities.

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