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    I want to upload pics to a DB, well when I upload hem it lists the thumb that I just uploaded.. I want to set it up so that I can add multiple pics.. What would I use to pass the value of the thumb to the next page so that another one can be added? And also how would I change that first form to something else so that another pic can be added? Would I have to use an Array? Or what would I use for something like this?

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    Default What do you mean by passing the

    value of the thumb? You could use a querystring, if you are just wanting to know how to pass a value to the next page.<BR><BR>For the second query--how to change the form so that the user can upload another pic, well I have done the same thing, though not with the pic, but giving the user option to upload multiple files, just like HOTMAIL or any other site, when they click on "Attach" take them to a separate page, along with it, the contents of the FORM, on this second page, allow them to add multiple pics. They will select first pic and then say "attach", at that time upload the file and give them the same page back again.<BR><BR>I dont know if this is what you are looking for, but this is what I understood from your problem.

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