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Thread: Connect to a remote SQL2000 server in ASP

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    I am pulling my hair out because I am a newbie at this. I have always run my SQl on the webserver so it was easy to connect. Now I all I want to do is connect to a remote server on the same network, the boxes are sitting next to each other. I setup enterprise manager to view the server and I imported all the data in from the remote box (web server). Then I changed the DSN on the web server to point to the new SQL2000 server instead of the local SQL and used windows auth., it tested succesful.<BR><BR>Now everything seems fine but when I try to open the DB through the ASP page, I get this error:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E4D)<BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user &#039;(null)&#039;. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.<BR>/include/dsnRiata.asp, line 7<BR><BR>here is the include connection script, line 7 is where it opens the connection.<BR><BR>Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>objConn .ConnectionString = "dsn=Riata;uid=xxxx;pwd=xxxxxx;"<BR>objConn.Open<B R><BR>I have been trying to figure out how to set the permissions to do this, like on my normal setup (SQL & IIS on 1 box), I give IUSR access to select and update on certain tables. So I think I need to give the IUSR from the webserver access on the remote SQL server but it won&#039;t let me add it, it will only let me add users that are on it&#039;s domain, not local accounts from other boxes.<BR><BR>David Joor <BR>

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    Umm<BR><BR>I have had some interesting issues with this.<BR><BR>I cannot think of where i found what I found.<BR>but it was to the tune of <BR>having to add 1433; and some other crap. <BR><BR>check for some connection strings.<BR><BR>At least that was the trouble I had with connection remotely with SS 2000. (1433 is a port for SS)

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