My pages are working fine with IE but not with Net

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Thread: My pages are working fine with IE but not with Net

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    Default My pages are working fine with IE but not with Net

    Can somebody help me with my problem. I have built a site in ASP and accessing SQL server 2000. When I try to run my pages on a Netscape browser, i receive an error message displaying this:<BR>"The Parameter is incorrect".<BR>When I&#039;m running the same page with IE, all is ok.<BR>I&#039;t seem that I can&#039;t transfer variables between my pages with netscape. Can somebody tell me what to do?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Check your client side javascript<eop>


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    Default server.urlencode(variant)

    This is a problem with your querystring. Netscape (4.77 and lower) doesn&#039;t like spaces.<BR><BR>Therefore, prior to all querystrings, you must convert the querystring parameters using server.urlencode(variant) like:<BR><BR>my_variant="you need to enter the date"<BR>my_variant=server.urlencode(my_variant)<B R>response.redirect("" & my_variant)<BR><BR>However, don&#039;t do this prior to using the parameter elsewhere or it&#039;ll look funny. So do it just prior to any redirection. Also, you&#039;ll have to follow some logic on your pages because you don&#039;t want some encoded twice or you&#039;ll end up with bad data.

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