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    Here&#039;s a question, I&#039;m curious if there are any informed answers out there:<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got a procedure in SQL server 97 that is a more complicated version of a straight forward UPDATE command. It fires hourly and updates x-amount of records in half a dozen tables.<BR><BR>My question is, what happens if there is an update from a remote source - such as a webuser - as this hourly update is taking place?<BR><BR>Does SQL server queue the requests? Will it ignore one of them? Bum out?<BR><BR>Should I be looking at Batch processing, rigorous transaction control, or will SQL Server take the two update requests to one field in its stride?<BR><BR>People keep talking about cursor types etc, but I don&#039;t see that as applicable when it&#039;s a straight forward UPDATE through a procedure, no recordset and no cursor involved.<BR><BR>However, i would be interested in views regarding cursors, cursor types and which would be the best choice in this scenario.<BR><BR>Any thoughts?

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    Default LOL "in its stride huh"?

    well, as I would believe, when an "Update" is going on , the concerned records would get locked automatically, may be even the table where the update is taking place. The lock will be released after first update is done and then the next user would see the most recent version of the data.

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