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    This is a rather strange question so bear with me here.<BR><BR>I have a date/time in a db that I pull out called starttime. I need to pull it apart. So to get the various parts I do this.<BR><BR>ttime = TimeValue(starttime) Pulls the time out<BR>htime = hour(ttime) Pulls the hour out<BR>mtime = minute(ttime) Pulls the minute out<BR><BR>?time = ?(ttime) Pulls the AM or PM out?<BR><BR>Anyone know I can&#039;t find it in the docs at msdn? Thanks<BR><BR><BR>

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    &nbsp;<BR>if (CDBL(htime) &#062; 12) then ?time=pm else am<BR><BR>couldn&#039;t you use a vbscript format function and then cut it off the end as well?

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