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    I have a site that has alt tags on all images and NS6 randomly displays maybe 10% of the images blank with the text for the alt tags. If you hit another page and hit back, it displays all of the images.<BR><BR>The HTML is good but maybe there&#039;s some fix to this bug that I&#039;m not aware off.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any solutions, clues, or flames. (Yes i searched google and groups.google)<BR><BR>&#060;img name="images/index_r6_c3" src="images/index_r6_c3.gif" width="228" height="136" border="0" alt="Corny Alt Tag!"&#062;

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    I don&#039;t think it&#039;s bug with ALT tags. ALT tags are SUPPOSED to display if something prevents the image from loading. That&#039;s why they are called ALT-ternate tags. The actual problem is probably something else that is preventing the image from loading. <BR><BR>Do you have the latest version of Netscape 6?

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