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    I am using a Microsoft MSChart control in one of my website. <BR>I made a cab file of this control and referrring in my page. <BR>but when I look at this page on a clean machine I am getting <BR>Activex control download Box but it is showing as an unsigned <BR>control(for the default Security). <BR><BR>How do make this as signed control from Microsoft ?

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    &#062; How do make this as signed control from Microsoft?<BR><BR>You have to be able to provide a "certificate", and that means you have to register with some certificate provider. That is, $$$$.<BR><BR>Just because you *claim* the control is the same as the one MS hands out doesn&#039;t mean it *is* the same. For all anybody knows, you mucked around in the bits to create a really, really nasty virus.<BR><BR>Either your users will have to trust you (probably only viable in an inTRAnet situation) or you will need to tell them how to download the control from MS&#039;s site, instead.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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