Numbering in order via vbScript?

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Thread: Numbering in order via vbScript?

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    Hello all...<BR>Wondering if it&#039;s possible, that I somehow use vbScript, to create the following. <BR><BR>In trying to create a garage work order system, the only thing I&#039;ve left till last is the sequential automatic numbering system.<BR><BR>What I&#039;d like, is that each time a NEW workorder is opened, it would receive a 5 digit number, the next one in line, and that number would then be used as the WorkOrder# for that 21001<BR><BR>Someone opens up another NEW workorder, and the next number is 21002<BR><BR>Anyone?<BR><BR>Jim

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    Are you using a database?<BR><BR>If so, what about keeping track of the numbers when a work order is opened. So each time the work order is opened, you would not only get the value from the database, but also increase the number by one on your way out. <BR><BR>Food for thought. :)<BR><BR>best of luck<BR><BR>-r

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    Default What kind of DB?

    It&#039;s trivial in Access.<BR><BR>Just create an AUTONUMBER field in the WorkOrder table, ask Access to start with number 21001, and you&#039;re off.<BR><BR>To see how to get the number as a new workorder is entered, look in the ASPFAQs in the Database topics. Search for "AddNew".<BR><BR>

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