I&#039;m creating a spreadsheet on the fly based on a query.<BR>is is possible to specify the width of the cells?<BR><BR>It&#039;s not appending data to an excel sheet, just creating a new one on top of the old. So I can&#039;t just use a template, you know?<BR><BR>Any clues?<BR><BR>I believe this would be the relevant code:<BR><BR>strLine="" <BR><BR> For each x in rs2.fields<BR> strLine= strLine & x.name & chr(9)<BR> Next<BR> MyFile.writeline strLine<BR><BR> Do while Not rs2.EOF<BR> strLine=""<BR> for each x in rs2.Fields<BR> strLine= strLine & x.value & chr(9)<BR> next<BR> MyFile.writeline strLine<BR> rs2.MoveNext<BR> Loop<BR>