DATEDIFF Challenge - a real year.

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Thread: DATEDIFF Challenge - a real year.

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    I did a datediff("yyyy".. to find the number of<BR>years between two dates. But this just calculates<BR>the difference in the years, and does not take into<BR>account the month or days.<BR><BR>I guess I could do a Day difference, then divide<BR>by 365. But what about the leap years, or the years<BR>that don&#039t have exactly 365 days.<BR><BR>Anyone know how to do this?

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    Look at the reference:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Notice that you can get the different intervals by specifying different parameters.<BR><BR>To get the days between two dates:<BR><BR>DateDiff("d", date1, date2)<BR><BR>To get the months:<BR><BR>DateDiff("m", date1, date2)<BR><BR>Etc.<BR><BR>

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