DSN vs DSN-less connections..what's the verdic

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Thread: DSN vs DSN-less connections..what's the verdic

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    I have read a number of articles and even the message board questions here about using either dsn or no dsn to connect to an SQL 7.0 DB. A couple of questions for you from a novice at the non-dsn version. <BR><BR>1)Is there an impact on response times (performance) if there are many users trying to access the same information. I have heard that this is the case and it is only suitable for low volume sites.<BR><BR>2)What is the code I would need to write to connect without a DSN as I have seen various versions and am a bit confused. (do I need the password, user Id , server name????) An example would be good for number two.<BR><BR>I hope someone can shed some light on these 2 problems for me. <BR>alan

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    Hi, Allan<BR>The performance of DSN and DSN-less connections are the same. But best performance has ODBC-less connection (OLEDB, up to 50% than ODBC). See database performance tests at http://www.pstruh.cz/tips/detpg_Perfdata.htm.

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