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    caiuby Guest

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    What&#039s the best way to manipulate images with SQLServer and Access. I intend to save a picture into the database, but must to know how to do tosave the picture properly.

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    Never store images in the database for good many reasons instead<BR>save the file on the file system and store a UNC path to that image in the database, this is highly recommended and practiced.<BR>Even though the SQL Server has a data type BLOB to store images<BR>as binary data, it effects the performance in a big way.<BR>Any further information, reply to this message<BR>Have fun

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    Leon Leslie Guest

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    Vinny is right.... <BR>Just store the file name and path..<BR>This way it <BR>make your database generic..<BR>Easy to handler<BR>Does not put pressure on the database to perform small task<BR><BR>

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