Hi guys.<BR><BR>A customer&#039;s going on about IIS. I&#039;m sure lots of people have run into the problem where IIS will stop serving ASP pages, and instead will just print out a number. Starts with a 2. Can&#039;t remember it.<BR><BR>It happens here sometimes. Sometimes it&#039;ll happen over and over and sometimes it&#039;ll just happen once and then it&#039;ll be fine for months. Restarting IIS solves.<BR><BR>Can anyone remember the actual code which is produced? I need to show a customer that it&#039;s a known problem with IIS, not a problem with our code.<BR><BR>Anyone with any links etc would also be very helpful.<BR><BR>Just to clarify: I&#039;m not having this problem, just need the code. Maybe Atrax or Bill Wilk or someone will have it in the back of their minds.<BR><BR>It&#039;s one of those things which is easy to find lots of people with the problem, if you have the error code. However, it&#039;s not possible to reproduce the error code, and it&#039;s impossible to find those people without it! :)<BR><BR>Any information/links would be helpful :)<BR><BR>Craig.