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    Default Sick of ASP classes

    Classes? Theyve never been real classes. No function definition (prototyping), or inheritance.<BR><BR>Intellisense? Supports only the default objects unless you use the with clause or other hacks. Completely confused by include files.<BR><BR>Interdev is a half complete product, grrr @ MS!

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    Default Try COM! If you haven't already...

    Have you ever worked with COM objects before? I hope I am not undermining your inteligence by asking that question! If not, COM components are compiled classes that give your ASP pages more power than vbScripting can. In fact, they offer most of the functionality of Visual Basic, or whatever language you are used to working with. Here is a link that may help:<BR><BR><BR><BR>There are plenty of other resources out there on COM, but this may help you (or anyone) get started. Good luck, and be assured that I feel your pain... That&#039;s why I&#039;m moving to .NET!

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