Hi,<BR><BR>This is probably an easy one, but I&#039;m new to .NET, so here goes.<BR><BR>I have a web application that displays data from a database that is constantly being updated. (Records being added and deleted) <BR><BR>The issue is that if someone hits the Edit button next to a record, the page is refreshed with the edit textbox replacing the label for that column, but the data isn&#039;t always the one that the user intended. For example, the database contains 50 records when the user views it. He hits the edit button on the 49th one, but before he hits it, an additional record gets added higher on the list. When the page refreshes, there are 51 records and he is editing the 49th one, but the data he really wanted to edit is now on row 50. How can I make sure that the record the user selects is actually the one that they get?<BR><BR>Thanks for any suggestions,<BR>Paul Taylor