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    Hi Guys,<BR><BR> I need to retrieve the image data(tif file) stored in the SQL Database table and display the retrieved image in a webpage . Can you inform me how to store the image(tif file) in SQL table, retrieve it back and display it on the web page using ASP.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>DESS<BR>

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    I&#039;m not sure about storing it in a SQL table, but I know it&#039;s possible.<BR><BR>However, once you have it stored, it&#039;s very easy to send back to an ASP page. Create an ASP page which will *server images*. Bear in mind that this page WILL NOT serve the entire HTML page, just the image data.<BR><BR>Then, create a connection to the database and pull back the image data (simple recordset I guess). You can then use a stream object to stream this information back to the end user.<BR><BR>Sounds relatively simple. Never done it before, but it shouldn&#039;t be too hard for anyone vaguely familiar with VBScript.<BR><BR>There&#039;s a tutorial on the Stream object on 4Guys, and I think there&#039;s something about storing image files in databases on there too. Have a search about.<BR><BR>Craig.

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