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Thread: Open Multiple files (pdf) in the same window

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    Hi folks,<BR> I have pdfs located in a virtual directory on my server. I have checkboxes with the path as the value of each checkbox and when you click on a checkbox, it retrieves the pdf in the onClick event (duh, i know). What I would love to do is have the users select multiple checkboxes and onSubmit get all the pdf that they selected (up to 10) in the same window, but I don&#039;t really know where to start. My code right now consists of a simple parent.location.href="filepath" in the onclick event. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks<BR><BR>Harry C

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    Default Bad news...

    Bad news...<BR><BR>Different windows, I&#039;m afraid.<BR><BR>Of course, that&#039;s not THAT bad - separate windows could mean separate IFRAMEs.... Start anything ticking? :)<BR><BR>Craig.

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