determine if a user lefted without logging out

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Thread: determine if a user lefted without logging out

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    Default determine if a user lefted without logging out

    I am looking for a way to determine if a user, who has log on to my asp page as lefted without logout out, such as shutting down their browers

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    Default Depends...

    How do they log in?<BR><BR>How do they log out?<BR><BR>If login occurs like this:<BR>1) Fills in a form.<BR>2) Gets verified<BR>3) Session variables created<BR>4) They go about their logged-in business<BR><BR>And log out occurs like this:<BR>1) Session variables get destroyed<BR><BR>Then there is one way which springs to mind. Bear in mind that this will NOT work if you are using Session.Abandon.<BR><BR>When the user logs out, create a new session variable ("Loggedout" or something).<BR><BR>Then, in your global.asa in the OnSessionEnd subroutine, test to see if this variable exists. If they logged out, the variable will exist. If they didn&#039;t, the variable will not exist.<BR><BR>Of course, you won&#039;t be able to interact with the user - they&#039;ll be long gone, but you can store it in a database or something.<BR><BR>Craig.

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