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    I have a table containing Employees and I want a way to group the employees onto projects. Each employee could be on multiple projects and want to order the project group in the order each employee is added. e.g.<BR><BR>project1 project2<BR>emp5 emp2 (first to be added)<BR>emp7 emp5<BR>emp1 emp3<BR>emp4 emp7 (last to be added)<BR><BR><BR>should I approach as above and create a new column for each project or is that not very clever?<BR><BR>Pls help as I am trez confused

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    I would start with this (just use the appropriate types)<BR><BR>tableEmployee<BR>uidEmployee (autonumber int)<BR>employeeName (text)]<BR>..etc..<BR><BR>tableProject<BR>uidProject (autonumber int)<BR>projectName (text)<BR>..etc..<BR><BR>tableEmployeeOnProject<BR >uidEmployeeOnProject (autonumber int)<BR>uidProject (int)<BR>uidEmployee (int)<BR><BR>Using this you can have as many employees, projects and employees on projects as you like, and you dont have to mess about with table columns.<BR><BR>To get the order that employees were added to projects just order by uidEmployeeOnProject in the query<BR><BR>

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    Hi Peg,<BR><BR>I would also suggest adding a date/time field for date employee started/added to project (i.e. - empl_start_dt). If it is relevant, you can even add another field for date employee ended/finished for that particular project. Even if you don&#039;t have a need for this information right now, you or your customers may in the future.<BR><BR>Pete<BR><BR>

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