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    I am a recently-appointed webmaster of a PR firm with a wide variety of clients, whose websites I administer and upgrade from time to time. I am trying to decide which technology to learn for future projects, in which we will be looking to set up more sophisticated sites.<BR><BR>When making your suggestion, please keep in mind the following:<BR><BR>1. We are thinking of joining the "personalization" wave.<BR>2. We may be getting into e-commerce-type sites.<BR>3. We already have some websites written in ASP and some written in Cold Fusion.<BR><BR>I&#039m not sure it&#039s worth my while to take both, perhaps it is. Maybe that&#039s what you recommend, I don&#039t know. Any input of yours would be valuable.<BR><BR>Thanks so much.<BR><BR>Jonathan Distler<BR>Director of IT/Webmaster<BR>The Hastings Group<BR>******************************<BR>jdistle<BR>703)276-1116<BR>

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    Drumbeat eCommerce Edition from Macromedia is a good choice. (

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