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    ASP needs to make HTML pages displaying pictures chosen from form input. This question concerns the best design for the data base. Right now, I have the pictures in an image file and I am putting the path to the picture in an Access database. I am experiencing some difficulty with this, but I think the reason could be that I have confused the formating as a directory path or a hyperlink. <BR><BR>An alternative to what I am doing is to put the pictures in the database, but is this a good idea given the limitations of Access? <BR><BR>What is the best method of handling a fairly large set of images with ASP/database? If I continue to use the path in database, where should the directory for images be placed for best efficiency and control?

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    Do not put the image file in the database. It is not recommended for SQL, it sure as hell is not recommended for Access. Stick with your current solution of storing the path to the image in the database

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