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    I have 4 webservers in a very large intranet. Two are open to everyone on the intranet. One has a firewall. One filters by IP address. I need to know how to find out via ASP (VBScript or server side javascript) if the page is accessible to that client. If it is, I will put a link on the page. If it isn&#039;t (a 403 or 404 error) nothing will show on the page and the client will be none the wiser. Any suggestions?<BR>

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    Default XMLHTTP component...

    It allows you to use ASP (or any other ActiveX client) to "read" a URL. <BR><BR>Search for it on 4GuysFromRolla...there&#039;s at least one article there.<BR><BR>Or look in the ASPFAQs (link at top right of this page).<BR><BR><BR>Warning: It&#039;s not the fastest thing in the world! You&#039;d be better off "caching" the info somehow, so you don&#039;t have to keep going out to it over and over.<BR><BR>

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    You could use my favorite inStr-<BR><BR>if instr(Request.ServerVariables("url"), "") then<BR>response.redirect<BR>end if

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