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Thread: Query to update table help.

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    Default Query to update table help.

    I have a table that contains a column called "email". This column holds a user&#039;s email address (i.e. admin@admin.com). <BR>These email addresses are all different (some from hotmail, yahoo, lycos, etc.), and I need to run a query that will retain the first portion of the email address, but change the domain portion to a specific domain for all users.<BR><BR>My first thought was to run "update tablename set email = " and I don&#039;t know where to go from there.<BR><BR>Thanks. <BR>

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    Default How about..

    ..query the database, pick up all the emails, use "Instr","REVSTR" and other "string" functions(whichever applicable), check for the "@" sign and remove everything after "@" with you domain, loop through the records.

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