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    Default WriteProperty method ?

    In WriteProperties event of UserDocument ( in case of ActiveX document) I am trying to use WriteProperty method as follows:<BR><BR>PropBag.WriteProperty("Name", txtName.Text, "")<BR><BR>But it gives syntax error "Expected =".If i use it as:<BR><BR>N = PropBag.WriteProperty("Name", txtName.Text, "")<BR><BR>then at the time of running it , it gives an error "Expected function or variable".<BR><BR>Suggetions please....

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    Default is this ASP?

    doesn&#039;t look like it to me.<BR><BR>course, you&#039;re very short on actual details.<BR><BR>j

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    Default RE: WriteProperty method ?

    The problem lies with you not using the *Call* command when you are calling the sub with parentheses, i.e use this :<BR><BR>Call PropBag.WriteProperty("Name", txtName.Text, "")<BR><BR>or this :<BR><BR>PropBag.WriteProperty "Name", txtName.Text, ""<BR><BR>MikeD<BR><BR>

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