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    I am building a page/database. I want to have one table listing the name, phone number, and state. The page I am creating has to be able to search by 2 fields, name and state. The name can be a normal text input box. I want the state search field to be a drop down menu using the values from my table I created in Access. I have created (modified) the code for making the page that has the two fields. My page looks a lot (exactly) like this one Which leads me to my question, how do I tell it to search my database and just show me the records that match the name and the state? And then displaying them on a separate page? Thanks in advance.

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    you really need to buy a book. What you need it to make a connection get the data then a SQL statement to do the search open a recordset and stuff<BR><BR><BR>that is a very basic question and we do NOT give out code here....start out and if you have a problem and are STUCK......THEN post and we can try and help you.<BR><BR>Brain Power.

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