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    Guys, thanks for the help but I&#039;m confused. I just formatted my hard drive and installed WinME from scratch and I got everything working great so I don&#039;t want to mess around unless I know it will work. Two questions:<BR><BR>1) what if I used my Win98 CD and installed PWS from there (just like I did when I had Win98 running, it was a separate setup) ?<BR><BR>2) what do they pros do to program ASP ? Should I just get Win2000 Professional ? I don&#039;t have the server in front of me.<BR><BR>I have a nice-*** Win2K co-lo Server and I want to get back to programming ASP, I wrote some nice code for my old WinNT Server that still works but I want to write some hardcore stuff now. Thanks guys.<BR>

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    yes, the 98 CD version should be OK.<BR><BR>yes, the Pros use the &#039;real deal&#039; OSes - I have, for instance, 1 Windows2000 advanced server and one NT4 enterprise at work, and one NT4 enterprise and one Windows2000 Server at home. ME is really NOT an option if you&#039;re a serious developer. All I&#039;d use it for is client-side testing, and I&#039;d probably have it as a dual-boot option even then, so I wouldn&#039;t be wasting a machine.<BR><BR>Win2k Pro should be fine for development, it&#039;s far more configurable than PWS - I used it until recently when my machine gave up on me - hence I re-installed with the Server Edition.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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