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    I have webpage with two frames on it. On one frame I have a link which opens a popup window. On Popup window, I have a submit button, which submits the form on popup window. Upon submit, the results should be passed to another program. <BR><BR>Upto this point, I am done. Working great. <BR><BR>Now the problem starts. This new program has to be opened in the same frame where the popup window link is. I tried coding in the popup window form like this. <BR><BR>&#060;form action="newpage.asp" target="" ....&#062;<BR>But its not working. Can anybody give me how can I make it. I went through the documentation at webmonkey, devguru,, etc.. but couldn&#039;t find any suitable solution for this. Any help is greately appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank..HP

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    I assume the opener window has a name="" attribute in it&#039;s frame tag? use that.<BR><BR>you&#039;re getting javascript references confused with HTML references. they ARE different.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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