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    I would like to know whether an asp application built with some Active-x components/DHTML will make the application browser dependent or not.

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    ActiveX components rely on the Win32 capabilities of Windows 9x and Windows NT ... so they can only be used by users with Internet Explorer running under a flavor of Windows. For Netscape users on Windows to use them ... they must have a third-party plugin to allow them to use ActiveX controls.<BR><BR>Dynamic HTML encompasses many different things ... some which are supported by both Netscape and Internet Explorer on various platforms ... but in reality it is a safe bet that most Dynamic HTML is not supported concurrently by Internet Explorer and Netscape.<BR><BR>The Best Practice for web development is to use HTML, JavaScript client-side and VBScript server-side for your development. As great as DHTML, ActiveX Controls, RDS are ... there&#039s really no value in using them in a public capacity.<BR><BR>A good choice for for small purposes such as controls is Java ... since it is implemented widely (as much as I loathe the slowness and ackwardness of it) and will work on almost any platform (except mini browsers and WebTV).

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