When retrieving results from multiple tables I make use of inner joins. But I can&#039;t figure out how to work out the following problem:<BR><BR>I want to retrieve results from six different tables, all being related to in one main table. The tables looks somewhat like this:<BR><BR>MAIN_TABLE<BR>==========<BR>m_id - autonumber<BR>m_name - text<BR>m_1 - number<BR>m_2 - number<BR>m_3 - number<BR>m_4 - number<BR>m_5 - number<BR><BR>TABLE_1<BR>=======<BR>t_id - autonumber<BR>t_name - text<BR><BR>...and so on! I&#039;ve tried to normalize the whole database, that is why there are so many tables. The m_1 field in the main table are related to the t_id in table 1 and so on.<BR><BR>Not every row in the main table has values for each of the relating table. Access automatically put a 0 in these fields, which (naturally) can&#039;t be related to any of the rows in the related table. The result is that the record won&#039;t be returned.<BR><BR>How can I avoid this? Should I make use of other joins?