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    i am using timestamp fields in a vb <BR>component that my asp pages call.<BR>i want to see if a row has been changed.<BR>i get an error &#039; cos no variable seems <BR>able to &#039;hold&#039; a timestamp field.<BR><BR>my code is<BR>------------<BR>dim vTimestamp1 , vTimestamp2 <BR><BR>vTimestamp1 = rs("vTimestamp")<BR>&#039; do stuff here<BR>&#039; do stuff here<BR>vTimestamp2 = rs("vTimestamp")<BR><BR>if vTimestamp1 = vTimestamp2 then &#039; &#060;-- error happens here <BR>&#039;<BR>&#039;<BR>&#039;<BR>end if<BR><BR> <BR>

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    look up "dateDiff"

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