I am trying to create a COM component to be called from ASP page (Server.CreateObject(componrnt name)) using Delphi5.0 <BR><BR>I tried to accomplish this through following steps. <BR><BR>1. Craete a new Active Server Object. <BR>2. Give a CoClass name(a new name for the component to be created) <BR>3. Specified multiinstancing and apartment threaded model <BR>4.Chose radio button option for page onstart and onend events <BR><BR>Then I got a typelib window and a ASP page autogenerated. <BR><BR>But when I load this ASP page in browser. I get the error: <BR><BR>*** <BR>Invalid progid/ Only inprocess components can be called. <BR>*** <BR><BR><BR>I checked registry editor and found that a .exe file was present<BR>instead of a dll (as expected) for the component created<BR>What possible reasons could be there<BR><BR>Please help<BR><BR>