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    Here&#039;s a little puzzle..<BR><BR>The TOP predicate in Access (ie; "SELECT TOP 10 FROM Blah ORDER BY ClickThrus DESC") .. doesn&#039;t work as I expected. In SQL it would return 10 records.. in Access it will return more than 10 records if more than 10 records have the same value for "clickthrus"<BR><BR>So I thought that the MaxRecords property of the ADO recordset might work, but, it doesn&#039;t work for Access db&#039;s<BR><BR>Any ideas as to how I can get only 10 records? Thanks

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    because you haven&#039;t specified "TOP 10 what FROM table"<BR><BR>SELECT TOP 10 primaryKeyName FROM table<BR><BR>will give the result you expect.

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