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    Hello I am really stumped<BR><BR>I am trying to create a Recordset that contains only records with a distinct CourseID<BR><BR>The DISTINCT function has allowed me to do this using this code<BR><BR><BR> &#039; that contains only the selected CourseFeedbackID + dummy parameter to include WHERE in statement<BR> strSQL = "SELECT DISTINCT courseID, coursetitle, coursevenue, coursestartdate, courseenddate, coursearea , CourseAreas.CourseArea FROM qryStaffCourses inner join courseareas on qryStaffCourses.CourseAreaID=CourseAreas.CourseAre aID WHERE courseID&#062;=1"<BR> <BR>but unfortuanately this also takes out any courses with matching venues or start dates etc.<BR><BR>Does any one know a way round this problem, please help<BR><BR>malcolm

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    Remove distinct, and use Group By

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