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Thread: 80004005 error SQLSetConnectAttr Failed- Help

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    Hi Everybody, <BR><BR>I have an ASP application that runs on IIS 5.0 and uses Access 2000 as the backend database.I am using System DSN to connect to the database. <BR><BR>I am getting this error when I try to logon to the application(Only authenticated users can use this application). <BR><BR>The error is-HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error. <BR><BR>The exact error message when I turn off the show friendly error message in IE5.0 browser is this: <BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver&#039;s SQLSetConnectAttr failed <BR><BR>/bh/Authentication.ASP, line 133 <BR><BR>Can anyone help me about this. <BR><BR>Thanks much, <BR><BR>Jyothi

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    Default only a suggestion - may not help

    I am not using Access 2000 so I dont have a specific answer, only a suggestion. Have you tried the www.microsoft.com site under SUPPORT --&#062; KNOWLEDGE BASE ? You can select an application (such as ASP or Access 2000 or ALL) and enter part or all of your error code in the question. You will then be returned a page of hyperlinks. Usually you can find a hyperlink that describes a simular error to yours, click on it and see possible reasons and solutions.<BR><BR>This may help.<BR>regards

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