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    Ok, That title didn&#039;t exactly explain my problem here, but here goes.<BR><BR>I have a page (Which can be found at On this vitalize.asp page I check for any Strategy&#039;s posted for that game, What I do is Open the database with a different record set and then do an if statement like this:<BR><BR>if rsvcheck("name") = rs("name") then<BR>&#039; Display link to strategy and stuff.<BR>end if<BR><BR>My problem here is that it is also displaying a link to the Review on the Review page because it has the same name. I have tried doing:<BR><BR>if rsvcheck("name") = rs("name") and rsvcheck("name") &#060;&#062; rs("id") then <BR><BR>But it didn&#039;t work, Any help? Remember, for a clear cut example of my problem check out:

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    Default Too little info I guess, please explain

    your problem in detail.

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    You cannot testing rsvcheck("name") &#060;&#062; rs("id") because these are 2 different field type.<BR>Thus your if statement doesn&#039;t work.<BR><BR>

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